Find Out About 5 Types of Financial Assistance You May Qualify For

These days, it can cost a fortune to cover basic expenses like food, a home, medical bills and other necessities. It might seem impossible to keep up with these bills, but it doesn’t have to be. Free government grants and private financial programs are around to help you.

In addition to free grant money that you may qualify for, you can also get personal loans. When used together, these programs can give you a nice financial boost. Check out these five types of financial assistance to find out which ones work for you.

1. What are the most affordable low-income insurance plans?

Are you one of the millions of people who are overpaying for health insurance? Studies show that Americans pay 3 times as much as they should for health coverage, on average. Check out the cheap health insurance programs below to find a better solution:

  • Medicaid – This free public health program gives insurance to people who have a low income and can’t afford private health insurance. It also pays for people with disabilities. Right now, the program gives health coverage to 74 million Americans.
  • Medicare – Medicare is another free health insurance program. It gives insurance to people who are 65 or older. The program covers some younger people with disabilities, too.
  • CHIP – This health coverage program gives insurance to children from families who have a low income but do not qualify for Medicaid.
  • Affordable Private Health Insurance – If you do not qualify for one of the government programs, you can still find affordable health insurance in the Health Insurance Marketplace. For example, a Bronze HMO plan comes with free services and a low monthly payment.
  • Short Term Health Insurance – Short term plans are a good option if you don’t have insurance right now because you lost your job, for example.
  • Supplemental Health Insurance – If you already have insurance (including Medicaid or Medicare) but need medical services that your plan does not cover, a supplemental plan can help pay for those.
  • Catastrophic Health Insurance – This is a good option if you do not have any medical conditions and only need health insurance for an emergency. You will pay a low amount each month, but you may have to pay a lot out of pocket if you do need medical services.

If you’re interested in any of these coverage plans, you can apply easily online through the providers today.

2. Find Out About Housing Benefits and Grants

It’s recommended that you should spend no more than 30 percent of your monthly money on rent. If you’re paying more and struggling with housing costs, the Section 8 housing program may be able to help.

The Section 8 program gives people who qualify housing vouchers. Then people in the program can find a rental like an apartment, house or townhouse from a landlord who is participating in the program. Once everything is in place, Section 8 will pay a big part of your monthly rent to your landlord, lowering your housing costs.



To find out if you qualify, you can submit an application to a local public housing authority (PHA).
To find out if you qualify, you can submit an application to a local public housing authority (PHA).

The government gives other housing grants and loans, too. These include:

  • First-time homebuyer grants.
  • VA housing grants for military members and veterans.
  • USDA loans.
  • Home repair grants.

3. Learn About Social Security Disability Insurance Payments

If you have a disability and can’t work, you might be able to get monthly Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) payments.

To qualify for SSDI, you must:

  • Be at least 18.
  • Not be getting Social Security payments.
  • Have a medical condition that won’t let you work for at least a year.

When you apply for Social Security Disability benefits, you have to give information about yourself, your work and your disability. You will need to give documents to the Social Security Administration office, too.

4. Learn How You May Be Able to Get Personal Loan Cash in 3 Days

Whether you need to pay for essentials or an emergency, personal loans can give you the cash that you need quickly and without any hassle. You can borrow a few thousand dollars or up to $50,000, depending on your needs. You can get this cash in just three days.

You can apply for the best personal loans online. Just follow these steps:

  1. Find out what types of loans you qualify for. By filling out a simple form online, you can see examples of personal loans you might be able to get.
  2. Check out the details of each loan. After you find out which loans you might qualify for, you can check out the interest rates from different lenders.
  3. Pick the right personal loan for your situation. Think about how much cash you need and which lenders have low personal loan rates that work for you.
  4. Close the deal. Take one last look at the terms of the lender you picked and get the cash you need.

5. Find Out About Getting Rid of Debt With Bankruptcy

Credit card debt can be hard to get rid of, especially when you have a lot of expenses every month. Sometimes declaring bankruptcy might be the best way to get rid of debt and get a clean slate.

The term “bankruptcy” has a lot of bad baggage. But bankruptcy isn’t really a scary thing. It’s basically where someone goes through a legal procedure to say that they have debt they can’t pay. Then, if the court sees that this person is having financial trouble, the court can give them debt relief in one of two ways:

  • A repayment plan of three to five years
  • Paying back some lenders with assets they own

Filing bankruptcy could help you get rid of the debt you have. But it’s important to have the right guidance during this process to make sure you know what you are doing. You can find cheap bankruptcy lawyers online who will represent you and help you get rid of your debt.

You can make sure that you get the best bankruptcy attorney at the lowest price by getting quotes from legal firms online. Then, you can have them get to work on your case to get rid of your debt.

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